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Plainly speaking

Short and ultrashort laser pulses squeeze the energy of light in a few billionths of a second (nanoseconds) or a few millionths of a billionth of a second (femtoseconds). This way, a femtosecond pulse carrying 1000 times less energy than a flying butterfly, achieves a peak power comparable to the installed electric power of a small country. Such intense pulses offer unique opportunities for fundamental manipulation of matter. Additionally, acting like camera speedlights, they allow capturing ultrafast natural events, like the motion of electrons and atoms. Click on the images below to learn more.

Ultrafast dynamics 
of photoexcited materialsultrafast_dynamics.htmlultrafast_dynamics.htmlultrafast_dynamics.htmlshapeimage_2_link_0shapeimage_2_link_1
Nanocomposite thin-film development and applicationsPLD.html
Laser nanostructuring of silicon for photonics and optoelectronicsblack_Si.htmlblack_Si.htmlblack_Si.htmlPLD.htmlshapeimage_4_link_0shapeimage_4_link_1shapeimage_4_link_2
Distributed optical fiber sensorsOTDR.htmlOTDR.htmlOTDR.htmlshapeimage_5_link_0shapeimage_5_link_1